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Introduction to the making money world

In  the day by day  life or on the internet you will find  a lot of  making money ideas .

 Here you can find a few of  those tips  that will "open the door" to the making money  world.Anyway before you begin this journey you must know that it’s not so easy to make a lot of money online or in the real life without hard work.It's not enough  if you  only say in your mind “ I want to make money ” and you don't want to work for them.  

Also if you only need some extra money ( like 50 - 80 dollars per month) I assure you that even those money are sometimes hard to earn.
So  if you have a job (or even if you don't) or you need some extra money beside those you have in your pockets or accounts, a good advice for making extra money online or in the real life is to try more opportunities( as much as you can) and choose the one that you feel you can develop it to a great succes.  
There is no secret, you already heard or read  that  there are many ways to make extra money
(from a few bucks to thousands of dollars/month) and yes, there are a lot of good opportunities and if you take advantage of them you can earn  money.

Also if you really want to make  money on the internet you have to be original and don't do what a lot of amateurs do:  they breake the copyright laws.
Remember that copying someone else's content from a website/blog without their permission and using it on your website/blog is against the copyright law.
You will never make money if you just copy/paste someone else's website and in the worst  case the owner of the website from which you copied the content( a big corporation or  a person) will sue you and ask you a lot of money.
In many cases you will find out that the same products or services  are promoted by a lot of people on their websites/blogs but it's not against the copyright law if they write their own orignal description of the products/services(with their own words).
So this is an idea about  how to make money the right way and how to respect others people work and your own work  too.

 And now let's get back to  the question that we all want to  know  the answers: "How to make  money? "  Let's start bellow  with a few good tips:

1.  How to make money by investing in Paulownia trees:

The Paulownia Tomentosa (named also empress tree or princess tree) is a  tree which grows rapidly and it’s very valuable for the wood industry because it can be used to obtain biofuel or timber.


To start a business with the Paulownia tree you need at least 1 hectare( 10.000 square metres) of  land and in the same time you need to invest an amount of money(the bigger is the cultivated surface the bigger will be the obtained profit).


To obtain a profitable quantity  of raw material for  biofuel and timber  you have to cultivate 660 trees/hectare and for that kind of quantity you will have to invest between 3000-5000 euros/hectare. Those initial costs can vary (it can be cheaper or much expensive) because it depends on what kind of type of irrigation, fertilizing, harvesting and storage system you choose.

If you think the costs are too big you should think again because depending on the origin and  quality, the pauwlonia timber can be sold on the stock market  at a price which varies between  500-1500 euros per cubic meter( that’s right you can make a lot  of



 If   in the first teen weeks you take good care of the  planted paulownia trees (  a proper irrigation and spraying against pests) you will obtain a volume of timber of approximately 0.4 to 0.9 cubic meters / plant. Now you can do the math and you will see how much money you can earn from 660 planted trees on 1 hectare ( an impressive amount).  The profit doesn’t stop there because  the remains of the debarked trunks from which timber is obtained , it is used to produce biofuel and that means you will get more money from your investition. In other words you can make a real profitable business if you plant Paulownia Tomentosa trees.

2.  Make some extra  money by playing Dungeons & Treasures:

Dungeons& Treasures is a online game that can bring you money if you play it. How can you earn money with it?
Well  in the game you have to find chests in the dungeons and for that you will receive gold. At the end of  every month the characters will be reseted to zero and the received gold will be converted into virtual DT dollars. A virtual DT dollar equals with   € 0,70 and when you reach a minimum of 5 DT dollars you can request a payment through paypal or alertpay.
 This online game has a lot of  ways to make money: through dungeons, bonus games, contests,  temple, chests for your rank, sponsoring, weapon sale. If you sponsor your friends and you will be the winner you will receive 30% of their earnings , 15% of their earnings referral and 5% in their under referral.Playing this game you will have fun and make money in the same time.


3. Make extra money with online trivia games:

Another   fun   way   to make  extra money  online  is to play  online trivia games  that rewards  you with prizes  or  with cash  when  you  answer  correct  to questions   about music, famous quotes, science, world history, and animals.
For  example rewardtv is is a free TV trivia site that awards cash and prizes for  answering  to questions about   sports , movies or  your favorite tv show ( ex:  American Idol,  Two and A Half  Men, Desperate  Housewives).
This is how things work around this website:  You have to watch your favorite   tv show,  after that you have to visit rewardtv’s   website , select  the shows you watched yesterday , play  the  tv trivia games  for each selected show and  try to earn  how much points you can. After that you can cash in your points for prizes.
You can use your points  on auctions to bid for prizes,  to enter  for a chance to win prizes ($ 10,000 Sweepstakes -  you will receive  an entry  each day you play a trivia game, $1,000  “Second Game" Sweeps - you will receive  an entry  each day  you play a 2nd Trivia game,  bonus  surveys).
The only thing you have to do know is to register, have fun and  make some money.


4. How to make extra money with Dreamstime:

If you are passionate of photography and you want to share your  beautiful photos with other people I have a good tip for you. What would you say if you could share your photos and make some extra money too? You like the idea? Well Dreamstime it’s a website where you can share your pictures and earn some money too. (only quality photos are accepted.)
To sell your photos on Dreamstime you have to register first (the registration is free), then you have to go to the “upload files” option and upload your images.

Here are a few important terms and conditions  that you  have to respect when uploading images : you must own the copyright upon everything within the image, the image must be 3MP in size or more, don't upload offensive content like explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions, racism.(the rest of terms you can read them on their website).You can request  payments  by  bank check, Paypal or Moneybookers when the  balance will reach $100.


Get paid by offering your  SEO services  :

If you are an expert in SEO(search engine optimization) and it is only a hobby for you,  it's time to make some money from this hobby.How?Well there are a lot of companies that are searching for seo experts that can bring their websites into a  good ranking position in Google(the most known search engine).
Most companies can pay you big money if you manage to rank their website in  a good position and bring more visitors that can convert into sales.

A good way to start this online business is to make your own website where can you present the services that you are offering and  also your contact details.


6. Make extra money with forex:

The forex market is the foreign exchange market or the market where international currencies are traded(every single day the amount of money turned over in the forex market is $3 trillion).
This making money idea needs two elementary things: a pc/laptop and internet acces.
The next thing you need to do is to read tutorials about forex trading.It is a good choice to inform yourself and practice before starting to exchange on the forex market and the best way to practice is by purchasing accounts on different trading platforms.

To become a success trader on the forex market  you must practice and learn a period.This way you will learn how to approach the best strategy in trading currencies on the forex market.

7. Make extra money selling E-Books: 

  a.  If you choose this opportunity it's recommended  to write your own E-Book.

 b.  The hardest step is to write the first E-Book but once you've had some experience you will start writing them faster and then you will get good money from sales.




 8. Earn extra money online playing anno1777:


 If you like to play online strategy  games then you will be pleased to play also anno1777.The good news is that if you will play it and have good results you will also earn real money( the virtual money earned in the game can be converted in real money and also real money can be converted in virtual money).


The game simulates an economic political and military system(like in the real world)  and you can play as a politician, business man ( you can own a bank, magazine, restaurant) or as a military expert. It doesn't need to be downloaded and you can play it direct from your browser( internet explorer, firefox).

Before you play anno1777 you have to open an account (you are not allowed to have more than one account) and it is very easy because you have to provide an user name, a password, an email, your gender and age. It is very important that you have turned the age of 18 years because is one of the conditions to play this game.

After you opened your account you have to go the " help & forum " section where you can read tutorials about how you can play it and also you may find tips about  how to make extra money with it.




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