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How to make extra money with Clickbank

Clickbank is an online affiliate program in which are active thousands of affiliates.A clickbank affiliate is a person who promotes and sells a product or a service of another company or of a third party through an affiliate link.
When an affiliate sells a product he receives a commission from that sale which represents a percentage/sale established by the product vendor.

This method of making extra money online is very good for those who want to make money from home.Why?
Because you use a personal computer at home(we all want that comfort), you sign up for your Clickbank account, you choose the products you want to promote(in the section"Marketplace" where you can find a lot of products and services ) and then you start promoting them to earn money.

Another way to make money with Clickbank is to be a product vendor.If you already have an ebook(electronic book) written by you or a product that may wake up the interest of other people around the world, you can post and sell it on Clickbank through affiliates.
These options(affiliate or vendor) can be selected when you creat an account and another important thing to know is that clickbank's website is written and  contains products and services descriptions in English, German, French and Spanish.

To start earning money with this method you have to register first  through the "Sign up" form (you need to fill the necessary fields with real data to avoid problems if you will have money to receive) and the you have to choose the products or services you want to promote  and you can do this in the section "Marketplace"( you will find products and services from almost all areas).


A good tip to be more successful and make money online with this affiliate program is that you should choose products according to the following important criterias:

a) Avg $ /sale  and Avg %/sale:

It will give you a quick idea of the approximate  selling price and the rate of commission.It would be preferable to choose products with a reasonable commission rate( let's say a minimum of 35-45%) so you can make a good profit from your sales.

b) The "gravity" of products: this is another important criteria which is based on the importance of a product.
It refers to the number of affiliates who have sold a certain product and it's not related to the number of sales made.

Let's take a look at what this means:

I) High gravity( for example 126) - means that there are many affiliates that sell that product and in the same time means that there are high sales;
II) Low gravity( for example 15) - means that there are few affiliates that sell the product and thus low sales.

In conclusion the "gravity" measures the popularity level of a product or service and  it would be a good idea to choose what to sell using this criteria too.

Also if you want to have success and earn money with clickbank  you have to think a good strategy for promoting the products you want to sell(you have to pay great importance to this step).A good idea would be to use social networking sites( for example: Twitter, google plus, facebook, Twiends) or to create your own blog / website where you can write a description of the products you chose and where you can include your affiliate link.

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