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How to make money  online with Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an online advertising network that offers you the chance to make money online with your website or blog by adding text ads and image ads on them.If the visitors will click on the ads you will receive real money in your account and also you will earn some extra money if the click will turn into conversion.

To fit better the ads on your website you can use a point and click tool to customize the layout of the ads and if you want to monitor the performance of the ads,  you can use the publisher center where you can generate numerous and important online reports(like click through-rate, page impressions, total amount earned, click reports).
Bidvertiser pays monthly ( the minimum amount of money that can be paid is 10 dollars) by check, wire or through Paypal.

Also there is another way to make extra money online with this advertising network and that is by signing up into the referral program. If you sign up into the referral program of Bidvertiser you can place a referral button or a referral link on your website or blog and when someone uses your refferal link or button to sign as an advertiser or publisher, you will receive money but only if for example:

a) a visitor signs as an advertiser and for the first time spends 10 dollars, you will receive  5 dollars in your account;

b) a visitor signs as a publisher  and he earns for example 10 dollars, you will receive 10 dollars in your account.

The good thing is that you can track your earnings in the referral control panel and you can receive the payment through PayPal or check.

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