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Make extra money online by Selling E-Books


This is another great method to make money online but like the others you have to work hard first and then expect good results:

1.)The first step is to make your own eBook –  for that you have to think at what are you good at, what kind of hobby you have and write about it. Choosing the title is a very important task because if the title is attractive, you will have many people interested in your eBook . Also you can do a research on the internet about the subjects you want to write because this will help you develop a very attractive eBook and you will have many people interested to buy it.


2.) The second step is to make a good introduction of your eBook:  Tell your readers why you wrote this eBook and how it will help them by reading it .This is also important because you tell them from the beginning what can they expect to learn from your eBook (this a very important information that people want to know first).

3.)  The third step is to effectively start to write the ebook .  When you develop it try to use also cropped images and photos to help illustrate your topics.

I must warn you that if you place too much images in your ebook just to improve your ebook page quantity is not a good idea . You must focus more on the content because  after all you want your readers to read it not to look in to it.

After you have written it make a re-check of everything look out for mistakes and problems.

4.)  The fourth step is to make a marketing strategy to sell your eBook. First do a research on the internet about eBook prices and try to establish a good and affordable price for your own eBook.

Then promote your eBook on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Twiends, Netlog, on manual traffic exchange websites , promote it with  affiliate programs like Clickbank , on your website , on Ebay.

When you finished writing your eBook, you also must think to an internet marketing strategy because so you can grow your business day by day.

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